Plants whether for aesthetic or medical purposes is one of biggest gift the mankind received from Mother Nature. There are numerous benefits and reasons of why you should take the time to reserve a space in your backyard for valuable plants. In this website, you will gradually learn each of their benefits. You can visit over to the VPT pages and discover more about planting, their kind, benefits, and tip to grow them. In this website you will also learn from expert botanist you will find on the sources page. Be sure to explore each link carefully, who knows, it might help bring your dead plants back to life (or for sure).

Best Food Source


Plants, as we all know, provide food for us. They are the rich source of vitamins and minerals which are all essential for our body to live longer. Religious groups also believe that plants are really made for humankind to eat and animals are creatures to take care off. That is why there are some people who do not eat any product or by-products made from animals.

Going back, as we were saying, as technological advancement is growing over the centuries so do the optimization of producing food source from plants. There evolved genetic engineering even to make the growth and benefits of the plants perfect (which is still a controversial topic today). Anyway, the science of agriculture already played a major role in the evolution of civilizations. No one would survive without food. Even animals depend on plants to live.

In shorter words, human bodies depend on plants. As others may say “our bodies are made to eat plants and plants alone.” The argument continues, it’s because humankind discovered so many ways to quench their hunger aside from eating plants, so many diseases arises that gradually (or sometimes massively) kills a part of the population count. But still, we consider plants as a staple no one can ever replace. Vancouver catering company, http://www.vancouvercatering.com uses fresh herbs in many of their dishes. Lets not forget that we have cereals, wheat, oats, vegetables and the list continues.

Natural Remedy


Homeopathy or also known as alternative medicine has always been a hot issue in the past or even today. Although it may actually depend on beliefs, it is already proven by science that plants play a significant role in the medical world. They’ve proven enough already. By just googling “superseeds” or “superfoods” you should be able to find tons of articles out there discussing their top lists of herbal medicine or the world’s most healthiest food which will usually be a plant or so. Let’s admit the fact that plants can actually do wonders and there are a lot more out there to be discovered.